Dust Mites

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Dust Mites-These are most commonly found in the bedroom. They feed on dead skin and love warm, damp places like your bed. They go airborne when doing normal activities in your bedroom such as making the bed, fluffy your pillows or even walking from one place to another. With their population left unchecked, they can trigger allergies for those who are allergic to the protein in their feces, and even hasten the onset of asthma.
Pet Dander and Hair-One of life's best treats is snuggling with your pet in the bedroom after a long day. Allowing a pet on overstuffed sofas and chairs and on the bed can be just the calm you need to relax. Unfortunately, a pet in the bedroom increases the amount of dander and hair in your air by a lot. And just like mites, it is the protein in pet dander that can cause upper respiratory problems for many. And facing a new day without having had proper rest is literally a drag.
Airborne Chemicals-Over stuffed chairs, sofas, and draperies are often treated with chemicals that make them fire retardant. These chemicals can slowly off gas into the room for months. New furniture, new carpet, and paint smells can hang in the air for weeks as well. Add to all of that cosmetic smells such as fingernail polish and remover, perfumes, and smells from cleaning agents and your bedroom can be a menagerie of chemical smells. Trying to sleep with all of that in the air is tough.
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