Kids' Toys Are More Than Just Child's Play

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Muti- billion dollar corporations are investing great deals of time and money researching the precise method by which to reach designated targets. Products are tested and tested again to insure they conform to demanding standards set forth not only by the target consumer but also by rigorous government standards. The quintessential widget and the chosen vehicle of many marketing gurus: kids' toys. No longer simply a distraction for children, a much more sophisticated bent has been placed on the child toy market.
One of the biggest trades shows in the country is the New York Toy Fair. Toy makers along with their designers flock there to gauge potential success of new designs and try to make inroad on new product ideas. Incredible amounts of time and money are spent at this fair in trying to procure the next "big thing". Product association seems to be a key motive for producers of kids' toys. Movie producers partner with fast food restaurants to offer toys associated with a new film inside meals packaged for children. These toys are produced and contracts are created with the fast food restaurants way ahead of the film's release. Museums, zoos, aquariums and science centers all contain gift shops that offer a wide selection of kids' toys stamped boldly with the appropriate logo.
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