NO.1 [Poe 3.1 Build] too several balls

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NO.1 [Poe 3.1 Build] too several balls! woodland liquified, TankyBossKiller 150K~250K DPS per ball

Molten Strike's balls take your time before landing on associate enemy, even with Vaal treaty, you have got to convey it a sec to leech life from the Balls. Some are victimisation claws to realize the VP poe orbs impact with life gain on hit, however when seeing the new swords, woodland Shank, i assumed i might provides it a attempt with swords. to unravel the leech downside, i assumed of Endless Hunger. when victimisation POB to undertake out completely different varieties of passive tree, I ultimately determined to travel descendent and decide mortal to attain full life leech. For secondary ascendency, I picked raider for craze charges and onslaught.

+ Tanky - due to GS, we tend to gain Iron Reflexes and 80%*2 armor whereas standing still.
+ Sustain - Some nice leech from the passive tree, Atziri's Promise, blood rage.
+ Single Target - 150K/80K per ball on mobs/shaper on POB (can get a lot of easily)
+ Budget Friendly - has high scaling if you have got the cheap poe orbs currency (or luck)
+ Clearing - Pretty quick, whirling blades into packs, hit once or double, move on
+ easy - Pretty beginner friendly build begin with, not abundant dmg conversion, DoT stuff

- Not instant leech - got to dodge some dangerous attacks
- Passive points refunding - to utilize scions ascendency, this is often inevitable
- Reflect, and no leech is a retardant
- would possibly cause cheap poe chaos orbs lag (with Vaal Haste, four frenzies, associate onslaught, we are able to build 11*3*AttackSpeed balls in one second, so yeah, would possibly cause some delay) BY http://www.playerhot.com/games/path-of-exile/Golds HERE now...so thanks, well done!

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