The flower of Dark Road in mu legend

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Finally, the flower of Dark Road, 'Ring of Destruction' may be a charging ability. The longer the holding time, the bigger the injury and also the bigger the vary. broken enemies will effectively cope with mu legend zen enemies by reducing their movement speed for four seconds.

You can select from 3 specialties: 'Tactics', 'Immunity', 'Death', 'Encouragement', 'Destruction' and 'Advancement' . If youchoose 'Tactics' 1st,you have a mocking passivethat instantly attracts all close enemies and thenincreases the absorption of psychopathy and attack by exploding energy.

If you choose 'Immune' , you'll use the 'Immune to cheap mu legend zen Immune' ability. it's associate degree acceptable ability for a survival amount as a result of it's attacked for four seconds and doesn't get any injury. additionally.

There's a Transcendental protect Passive that will increase the possibility of obstruction a protect by 100 percent and now recovers one hundred and twenty fifth of its most life on success. BY http://www.playerhot.com/games/mu-legend/golds here now... come on, so thanks!

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