How to draw eyelashes

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The facial makeup of the punchline is painted eyelashes, good coating is not good with lovingly pathetic, very easy to destroy the entire makeup, then how to skillfully painted eyelashes, here I introduce a simple method.
After cleansing, painting eye shadow, eye liner in succession, you can begin to paint mascara. The choice of mascara is very important, try not to choose the poor quality.
First, lash eyelashes with an eyelash curler. From the inside clip once, and then from the eyelash interrupt once again, to increase the bending effect.
After the mascara is extracted, the excess paste is scraped at the mouth of the bottle. Mascara parallel to the eye, from the beginning of the eye, in Z shape from the inside out mascara, eye tail part can be applied to the vertical vertical smearing mascara, with long tail eyelashes.
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